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DHWG Domestic Hot Water Generator

Prod Caption
Efficiency: Up to 4 gpm hot water with 120 MBH boiler and 6.5 gpm of hot water at 55˚F temperature rise with 200 MBH boiler

Provides virtually instant domestic hot water from Slant/Fin Bobcat, Lynx and similar high efficiency boilers with priority control capabilities.

  • Hot water when you need it
  • Ideal for small residences
    • Provides up to 4 gpm hot water with 120 MBH boiler
    • Provides 6.5 gpm of hot water at 55˚F temperature rise (see chart on back) with 200 MBH boiler
  • Heat transfer from boiler to DHW with nearly 100% efficiency
  • Maintenance-free brazed plate stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Wall Hung, light weight, easy to install
  • Reversible - mounts with piping facing left or right
  • Taco -  0011 circulator with integral flow check
  • Flow switch included

The DHWG is a unique way to make domestic hot water using a high efficiency boiler as the heat source. Incorporating a brazed plate stainless steel heat exchanger, boiler water flows between half the plates transferring heat to domestic water on the other side of the plates. This remarkable unit transfers heat to the domestic hot water with nearly 100 percent efficiency.
It requires no maintenance or cleaning and will last for years and years. A circulator pump and flow switch are included. The pump is sized to overcome the friction losses of the boiler and the heat exchanger and therefore provides enough boiler water flow to transfer the maximum amount of heat energy from the boiler to the domestic hot water.

The hot water production is limited primarily by the boiler’s BTUH output. As soon as there is even a minimal flow of domestic hot water, the flow switch activates both the boiler and the circulator and within seconds hot water will be available for domestic purposes.